Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scarves to Statement Neclaces

Being a trend forecaster you always have to look for what’s next. How will a particular style evolve? The second I see 3 people wearing the same trend in a day it is old. One trend I’m personally sick of is the Arabian scarves. At Kayne’s Glow in the Dark Tour, I was the only person not wearing a scarf around my neck. Yes it is cute but can please move on to long light weight scarves. As seen in Urban Outfitters:

But that’s beside the point. Now everyone’s wearing scarves, then what? The next biggest trend is statement necklaces. Make this one your must have accessories for fall. Best selection: Topshop

Marc by Marc Jacobs $128 Bloomingdales; Laila Rowe $9; Forever 21 $3.80; Girl Props $4.99; Topshop 20Pounds;

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