Thursday, July 10, 2008

DPRC loves Lil Kim

You’re the first to know… DPRC Clothing is busily preparing for the fall collection “Brooklyn Series.” Everything is inspired by Brooklyn the best borough the world! When thinking of Brooklyn females who’s more iconic the Lil Kim. Now I’m not talking Marc-Jacobs-loving/jailbird/surgically-transformed-herself-into-Beyonce Lil Kim. Oh no. I mean pre-wig-wearing/biggie-sexing/Hardcore/Queen B. Are you ready to channel your pre-teen potty mouth, “I use to be scared of the D…”
Now this shirt is as raunchy as she was but we want your opinion. Would you buy/wear this Lil Kim shirt? Please let us know I love it but Ron hates it. Your decision will make the diffence. Guys we want your opinion too!


LC said...

No I would not wear this shirt. it looks like one of those shirts you get at a concert, or in one of those on da block stores. it looks like anyone could make. dprc is better than that.

Ainz Neal said...


Anonymous said...

no no no!

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