Monday, July 28, 2008

Ashley Dupre - The Non-Celebrity Look

I by no means advocate prostitution (I am still on the look out for a suga daddy) but I was enthralled by this Kristen/Ashley Dupre chick. Yes sleeping with a married man is wrong, yes prostitution is wrong, but everyone is seriously cock-blocking her. How’s she suppose to do her thing if her suga daddies keep getting caught? But anyway, she looks great in this NY Post picture of her from last week. I know you’re thinking “there is nothing special about this outfit at all.” Her shoes could be YSL or Steven Madden, who knows. As simple as it is she's working it!

Gap white tank$14.50; American Apparel white tank$17; Forever 21 highwaist shorts $19.80; Forever 21 shorts $9.50; Fred Flare sunglasses $10; Aldo sunglasses $12; Bakers brown shoes $79.99; Steve Madden patent shoes $99.95

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