Saturday, July 5, 2008

Project Runway

Calling all Fashionistas, and "hot tranny mess" Project Runway is now casting for Season 6!!! Now I've never seen an episode of this show in my life (no cable) but from what I see it does wonders for a career. The sheepishly, Micheal Jackson like, Milan Breton once came to my showroom to borrow umbrellas for is fashion show and invited all of us to Fashion Week. The last winner Christian couldn't get a job designing for anyone but he moved to London and landed a gig with punk queen herself Vivian Westwood and then Alexander McQueen until is visa expired. Now everyone's dying to work with him (or so he says). Anywho, get your fairytail dream career on by:
  • Mailing in your personal video
  • A virtual portfolio
  • Complete application questionnaire
Here's the kicker... applications must be received by Project Runway (in Cali) no later than Wed, July 9th!!! Come on, with all this rain you weren't doing anything this weekend anyway.

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