Saturday, July 26, 2008

Deadstock Boatride

I don't have pictures of the great time we had at Deadstock because the date has been changed. The official new date is Wednesday, Aug, 6 2008. For everyone who hasn't brought a ticket yet... You looked at the flyer thought it would be fun but maybe you had plans that day or you weren't sure, now is the time! For tickets and or table purchasing, or FAQs hit up Deadstock Ric at www. myspace. com/deadstockric [ personal page ] or u can try the company myspace www. myspace. com/deadstockkicks.
And for a quicker and easier way hit him up on AIM JUNIORMAFIA911.

Don't forget this is your time to purchase DPRC at GREAT prices. DPRC will be in the house, or should I say on the boat with all the hottest tees form See you there!

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