Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DPRC Loves Fly Boys

Check out this video of GDot from Chill FacTer preforming Fly Boys at the first Deadstock sneaker battle.

Wanna be as fly as GDot? Your can purchase his shirt online at dprcdesign.comDPRC "Fly" men's T-shirt $35
DPRC "Astroland" Men's hoodie $75

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Black Women Rule The World

Vogue Italia July 2008 Issue - Black Girls Rule

Vogue Italia aka Italian Vogue has come and going fast. You can barely find a copy at newsstands and Barns and Nobles is sold out. You can try to win one on EBay but for no less than $30. I know because I sold a few copies for $45. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the July 2008 issue of Italian Vogue features nothing but black models. Each black beauty: Liya Kebede, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, and Naomi Campbell grace their own cover. Hooray for us right… well not really. It’s a great and monumental issue however I was a little disappointed. Why did a Black model have to be blackfaced?! I’m a little bored with the Grace Jones poses. And can someone please get Toccara a shirt! I’m tired of looking at her boobies. Anywho, it is worth the $15 at least it will be one day if you can get your hands on a copy.

PS: We didn’t get that far, the ads are still only white girls

New York Fashion Week Calendar

It’s not likely that I’ll be invited back to the tents for Fashion week this September but I’ll sure be outside taking pictures and stalking people. If you’d like to join me here’s the officially schedule thus far.

New York Fashion Week Calendar Thursday, September 4th – Friday, September 12th 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Devil - I mean Ann Wintour Wears Prada

I know I’m “about a fucking month late” but I just came across the funniest illustration of Ann Wintour and her boss Si Newhouse. This parody of the Vogues’ April 2008 issue shows who the real monster is. It makes me feel like someone sold The Devil a knockoff Prada. I love it!

DPRC Brooklyn Based Tshirt Color

DPRC is still hard at work finishing up the designs for the Brooklyn Series coming fall. We work so hard at every little detail and trying to get everything perfect. Because we’re both in the “working world” we’re not so in tuned with the latest colors in kicks. What two colors would you wear in this “Brooklyn Based” t shirt for women?

Ashley Dupre - The Non-Celebrity Look

I by no means advocate prostitution (I am still on the look out for a suga daddy) but I was enthralled by this Kristen/Ashley Dupre chick. Yes sleeping with a married man is wrong, yes prostitution is wrong, but everyone is seriously cock-blocking her. How’s she suppose to do her thing if her suga daddies keep getting caught? But anyway, she looks great in this NY Post picture of her from last week. I know you’re thinking “there is nothing special about this outfit at all.” Her shoes could be YSL or Steven Madden, who knows. As simple as it is she's working it!

Gap white tank$14.50; American Apparel white tank$17; Forever 21 highwaist shorts $19.80; Forever 21 shorts $9.50; Fred Flare sunglasses $10; Aldo sunglasses $12; Bakers brown shoes $79.99; Steve Madden patent shoes $99.95

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scarves to Statement Neclaces

Being a trend forecaster you always have to look for what’s next. How will a particular style evolve? The second I see 3 people wearing the same trend in a day it is old. One trend I’m personally sick of is the Arabian scarves. At Kayne’s Glow in the Dark Tour, I was the only person not wearing a scarf around my neck. Yes it is cute but can please move on to long light weight scarves. As seen in Urban Outfitters:

But that’s beside the point. Now everyone’s wearing scarves, then what? The next biggest trend is statement necklaces. Make this one your must have accessories for fall. Best selection: Topshop

Marc by Marc Jacobs $128 Bloomingdales; Laila Rowe $9; Forever 21 $3.80; Girl Props $4.99; Topshop 20Pounds;

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Richard Chai for Target

Richard Chai is the next designer to fill the high/low installment for Tarje. Richard Chai is a young designer who use to work with Marc Jacobs and now outfits some of the most stylish women in New York with his spectacular casual pieces. His line for Target makes its debut on August 3rd. The diffusion collection consists of pretty floral dresses, knit sweaters, and playful tops. The best part is all of the outfits (yes the complete outfit) cost no more than $90

Swizz Beats is Trying to get that Oprah

Swizz Beats is trying to get That Oprah. Me too damn it. Peep this performance of his new song That Oprah. Doesn't he seem like he's opening for DMX. He's getting the crowd amped then all of a sudden X comes out of no wear barking. lol Oh, the good ole' days.
And he looks kinda alright... if you like skinny guys.

Heres a video so you can hear the whole song. Its silly but I like it.

Deadstock Boatride

I don't have pictures of the great time we had at Deadstock because the date has been changed. The official new date is Wednesday, Aug, 6 2008. For everyone who hasn't brought a ticket yet... You looked at the flyer thought it would be fun but maybe you had plans that day or you weren't sure, now is the time! For tickets and or table purchasing, or FAQs hit up Deadstock Ric at www. myspace. com/deadstockric [ personal page ] or u can try the company myspace www. myspace. com/deadstockkicks.
And for a quicker and easier way hit him up on AIM JUNIORMAFIA911.

Don't forget this is your time to purchase DPRC at GREAT prices. DPRC will be in the house, or should I say on the boat with all the hottest tees form See you there!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maxi Dress - Trend of the Moment

July is the middle of summer for most people (especially students) but for the fashion industry summer days are winding down. Everyone’s out vacationing, on the beach or summer jobbing it up. Stores put everything on sale in efforts to make room and money to bring in new fall items. If there’s one more summer must-have before going “back to school shopping” it’s the Maxi Dress. The uber trendy dress can be a fun summer throw-on for the hottest days or get a solid one to wear to the hottest parties at night. I found some of the cutes maxi dresses at all price points.

WARNING: The maxi dress is not for short girls like me. In fact if you are under 5’5 steer clear.

Maxi Dress Prints:
Forever21 $27.80; Milly $445; Express $98; Milly $484

Maxi Dress Solids:
Victoria Secret $108; Arden B $98; Milly $465; Wet Seal $27.50

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Topshop comes to NY

Speaking of Soho, last month my girls from the CCC and I did some last minute shopping on Broadway to pick up a few pieces for our MIA trip and (don don don) I see TOPSHOP Coming Soon!!!! Yes I may be late but they, like most people, didn't get my excitement. Topshop is THE original spot for low cost trendy goods, the original runway designer knockoff chain store, the originator of high street/designer colabos. I remember just a mere few years ago they didn't even ship to the US, now we're getting a flagship store right in the heart of SOHO (yes next to H&M, Forever 21, MNG and Uniqlo). A broke, i mean Urban Fashionistas dream come true.

Uniqlo looks for t-shirt designers

I know I've been posting a lot about contest but it's the easiest way of getting your self out there! Why not get paid AND receive the recognition you deserve just by doing what you love and letting someone else judge it. Hey, people judge you anyway. So the newest contest I've seen was for a t-shirt design for Uniqlo. For those of you under a rock Uniqlo is the Japanese H&M. Check out this site for details on how to apply. Submissions must be made before Sept. 21. Everyone cross your fingers for me. I'll show you all a few of my designs before I enter.With shirts like these they'll need DPRC in their life

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deadstock Sneaker Battle Boatride

Calling all sneaker lovers! Deadstock does it again this time on shore.
  • Sneaker battles – with tons of prizes
  • Two levels of live music and vendors
  • Free giveaways and live performances all night
  • Best dressed (footwear): male, female and couples
  • The best part: DPRC Clothing will be there selling all their goods!!! (good prices)

Deadstock presents a “Deadstock Affair Aflot” Thursday, July 24, 2008 7pm – 11pm. $25 per person (drinks included). Call Rick for more info 347.204.7770

DPRC loves Lil Kim

You’re the first to know… DPRC Clothing is busily preparing for the fall collection “Brooklyn Series.” Everything is inspired by Brooklyn the best borough the world! When thinking of Brooklyn females who’s more iconic the Lil Kim. Now I’m not talking Marc-Jacobs-loving/jailbird/surgically-transformed-herself-into-Beyonce Lil Kim. Oh no. I mean pre-wig-wearing/biggie-sexing/Hardcore/Queen B. Are you ready to channel your pre-teen potty mouth, “I use to be scared of the D…”
Now this shirt is as raunchy as she was but we want your opinion. Would you buy/wear this Lil Kim shirt? Please let us know I love it but Ron hates it. Your decision will make the diffence. Guys we want your opinion too!

Be Kanye Now

Riding the B train to work this morning and I see an advertisement that says “Want to be someone else? Be Kanye.” So I thoroughly read the billboard trying to figure out what the hell is it about? It looks so real, but no one could really be selling pills to “transform” you into Kanye. Sorry I didn’t have my camera guys because the picture of the 50 yr old white guys’ profile (before) transformed to Kanye’s profile (after) is hilarious. So feeling a little ashamed risking feeling like a groupie/loser, I go to the website as soon as I get to work. I finally figured out this whole charade is an advertisement for Absolute Vodka. Well done and very entertaining! Check out the infomercial.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Estelle - No Substitute Love

I’m all about new (and non radio friendly) artist. One of my new favorites is Estelle from the UK. If you haven’t brought her album “Shine” you’re seriously missing out. As if “American Boy” featuring Kanye wasn’t enough, check out her latest single “No Substitute Love

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Colin Munroe-I Want Those Flashing Lights (Kanye West Remix)

Shouts to Dj Enough for being the first radio dj to play this joint from Colin Munroe. This song is fire! Don't forget to check out his myspace

Project Runway

Calling all Fashionistas, and "hot tranny mess" Project Runway is now casting for Season 6!!! Now I've never seen an episode of this show in my life (no cable) but from what I see it does wonders for a career. The sheepishly, Micheal Jackson like, Milan Breton once came to my showroom to borrow umbrellas for is fashion show and invited all of us to Fashion Week. The last winner Christian couldn't get a job designing for anyone but he moved to London and landed a gig with punk queen herself Vivian Westwood and then Alexander McQueen until is visa expired. Now everyone's dying to work with him (or so he says). Anywho, get your fairytail dream career on by:
  • Mailing in your personal video
  • A virtual portfolio
  • Complete application questionnaire
Here's the kicker... applications must be received by Project Runway (in Cali) no later than Wed, July 9th!!! Come on, with all this rain you weren't doing anything this weekend anyway.

Sneaker Battle Submissions

The stakes are high for the RYZ Design your own sneaker contest. Get your act together the submission ends 7/9. See some of my favorite entries so far:

Naughty by Nature - designed by krupky.

Into The Night - designed by samsplace

Cops Hate Me - designed by phixdesign

Friday, July 4, 2008

Design Your Own Kicks... and get paid

Do you have what it takes to design your own kicks? Want to earn some extra cash while your at it. check out But hurry, submission deadline is 7/9/08

Our designs are created by artists, DJs, poets, students, dreamers, doers and other unique individuals like you. But that doesn't stop them from achieving design immortality – or sharing in the profit, each winner receives $1000 + $1 for every pair we sell online

  1. Download a Template

    Select one of the footwear silhouettes we've provided, and save it to your computer.

  2. Design Your Shoe

    Use Illustrator or Photoshop to create your own custom designs. Remember to stay inside the lines!

  3. Upload Your Design

    When you're ready, upload your designs to your personal workspace on our website. (You'll need to register first.) We’ll turn your file into a 3D model. (Cool!) You can revise your design as much as you like, and when you’re ready…

  4. Submit Your Design

    And you’re off! Submit your design for the entire world to vote on.

  5. Vote

    Remember, the winner is chosen by your peers – so make sure to have your family and friends vote.

  6. Win

    If you win, you’ll receive $1,000 and $1 royalty on every shoe we sell online – not to mention shoe designer immortality.

Contest 3

Contest Begins
Submission Deadline
Voting Starts
Voting Ends
Winners Announced
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