Monday, September 29, 2008

Model Mayhem

This is exactly why I wear flats. Standing tall at 5 ft you would think all of my shoes should be at least 4 inches high. I can't do it, they're just not for me. I can admit I can’t walk in them and I won’t even try. With all the stumbles and spills from Fall 08 fashion week I’ll stick to my Tory Burch flats. If these professional models can’t do it what hope do I have?

Prada @ Milan Fashion Week

Abby Lee falls at Rodarte
The whole video is 11 minutes long but peep the girl in all black in the back. She did a little two step earlier. I guess she was so nervous that she inevitable fell.

Channel Iman at Peter Som
And my favorite model Channel makes a grand entrance

Classic fashion Road Kill
Naomi Campbell circa 1993

Take a bow models.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Curl World

I’m a Miss Jesses girl myself but I can’t help but salivate at “Sabrina’s” curls. Styling done by Bumble and Bumble I think I might switch over. See the featured products to get this look.


* Prepare hair with Tonic.
* Work Calming Creme through hair, beginning at the nape, moving forward.
* Lift & squeeze curls as you go.
* Dry with diffuser.
* Restore bounce the next day (or the day after) with Reactivating Mist.

tonic lotion
A blend of herbs, vitamins & Tea Tree Oil replaces moisture, soothes, detangles, enhances the performance of products and reminds us of old-school barbers' elixirs.
8 oz. - $18.00

curl conscious calming creme
Smooth, soften and loosen tight curls that tend to frizz - keep them tamed and defined (without crunchiness).
8.5 oz.. - $27.00

curl conscious reactivating mist
Reawaken soft waves or tame hyperactive curls - perfect for mid-morning touchups (and evening revivals).
8.5 oz.. - $22.00

And you don’t have to get your Erika Badu on to visit the salon. They give free cuts daily from Bumble & Bumble cosmetology students. Sign up here

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whats In My Bag

I've been talking a lot about bags, so it’s only fair I give you the scoop on what I’m toting. (Clock wise)

1. Sudoku Puzzle – ripped from the AM New York

2. T-Mobile Dash – No internet involved, only calling, texting and my alarm!

3. Work Id

4. Almas Wallet - Straight from Argentina baby

5. Netflix – I have a habit of walking around with my mail

6. Target look book – I love target.

7. Lancome Juicy Tubes

8. C.O. Bigelow Lip Gloss - Taste great, right amount of shine

9. Robert Le Heros Planner – So don’t want to double book

10. Maybeline Great Lash Mascara

11. Marie Claire October Issue - - I always have a new magazine at all times

12. iPod Touch - I HATE Apple and there iPods but I don't know how I ever lived without it (thanks guys).

13. Vaseline Hand Lotion – Not the best but great travel size

14. $20 – Ooh money

15. 2GB Flash Drive – My life’s in drive

Oh and the Bag Monserat De Lucca $420 - But I got it at wholesale baby. One of the industry perks.

Real Fashionistas Don't Wear Coach

"Real fashionistas don’t wear Coach." - Rosalie, The Urban Fashionista

Yeah, I said it. Real fashionistas don’t wear Coach. Coach will never be an “it bag”. Sure Coach is an American classic like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, Diana Von Furstenberg and even Tory Burch (as some may say) but that doesn’t make you fashionable, it makes you an old, boring classic. Why wear Chanel No. 5 when you can wear Gucci by Gucci. And then they started the logo collection a few years back. I hate logos! I understand some women need to prove they “got it” but you don’t “got nothing” sporting Coach. Go for Goyard, that’s impressive. Now please don’t get me mistaken. I respect the lines 67 years of existence starting in New York City. But if you must go the timeless, workie route get a basic all leather tote/wallet/shoe. Instead of paying $458 for the hideous logo handbag above, try fresh designers like Shih, Junior Drake, Rough Roses and Kooba.

Shih Bebel Satchel $600

Junior Drake Megan $498

Rough Roses Jewel Shopper $325

Kooba Nelli $635

Check out my take on Man Bags on SH Collective blog.

PS. To all the diehard Coach fans who have been bashing me: If you stop criticizing and READ the post, you will see that I wasn’t downing Coach, just logo bags. I did not say everyone should wear Chanel! I gave options of young designers at all price points.

Monday, September 15, 2008

T-shirt Magazine Spotlights DPRC Clothing

T-Shirt Magazine | SpotlightDPRC DESIGN

We interview Rosalie Concepcion and Ronnette Cox of DPRC Design.

TM: What does DPRC stand for?

RC: DPRC stands for Design Partners Rosa Concepcion / Ronnette Cox (Us! The two designers).

TM: When did you decide that t-shirts was your thing?

RC: T-shirts are everyone’s thing! But for us t-shirts was our way in to this thing called the fashion industry we decided back in 2005 that they'd be no better way than producing a t-shirt line to jump start our brand.

TM: How'd you come up with the theme for your latest collection, 'The Futuristic Fashion Fiend?

RC: Well being the forward thinkers that we are; we asked ourselves what's next!?? "whats it gonna be in the future??".....while thinking on that, we've noticed that being addicted to something is all of a sudden the new thing!! Rappers, actors and everyone in between is addicted to something! So we said hey instead of that lets go with what we know and that’s shopping!!!! The only things we pump in our veins is that new tag glow. So there you have it we are the Futuristic Fashion Fiends.

TM: Which of the shirts is your favorite?

RC: All of them!!!! My (Ronnette) fav. is the "Junkie" Tee but I wear my red "Addicted" tee more. My (Rosalie) favorite is the black "Astro" tee but the white "Addicted" more because they match my new kicks.

TM: Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to fashion?

RC: Everywhere, everyone, every song! when we're together most of the time there's music pumping in the back so alot of our designs have music references. But really we are the most open-minded chicks you could meet; we listen to things people say, watch what their wear, how their wearing it, we're up on the net checking different images whats going on not only here but overseas as well.

TM: Like many hard working clothing lines you had a fashion show to kick off your Spring collection not too long ago. Do you do this all the time?

RC: We did it last year and plan to have another next year. Each time we get bigger and better why stop now?

TM: You sell mixtapes too. What made you decide to do so and how’s it been working for you?

RC: We don't sell them, good idea though lol being the nice people that we are we decided to give them as free gifts with purchase. We're all about cross promotion and a few of the artists on the cd we know personally and has helped us in some way so we want to promote them while giving back to our customers. We are not just a line we want to get all up in our customers lives!

TM: What has been your best marketing vehicle in attracting customers?

RC: No doubt it would have to be the internet: Myspace, Facebook, Hi5 (we have like 10 social sites), emails all of that.

TM: What's in the works for the future of your label?

RC: Currently we are working on a new collection: called the Brooklyn series, an ode to where we started. Also we working on giving back more to our supporters and community by developing our non for profit organization. We also have another line called Ad.El (you are the first to hear this! you're getting an exclusive) Ad.El is our cut and sew line due out in 2009.

TM: What tips could you give to others trying to get into the t-shirt biz?

RC: Know your suppliers, printers, embroiders! Know there strengths and limits and no matter what they say ad on 3 more days to the expected date of delivery!! Other than that the best advice that we could give to anyone tying to start a business is truly never give up.

For more info on DPRC clothing, go to
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