Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NY Daily News Fashion's 50 Most Powerful

Click here to read the whole article from the New York Daily News, Fashion's 50 Most Powerful
  1. At the top of the list is ANNA WINTOUR, editor, Vogue. Dark glasses. Bob haircut. “The Devil Wears Prada.” No one in fashion is as influential as the fearsomely smart, British-born editor. She’s so famous, she’s become a one-namer: Madonna, Cher, Anna.
  2. PATRICK ROBINSON, head designer, Gap Inc. Parachuted in to help revive Gap’s floundering collection, he has unveiled his first full season. Given his pedigree (stints at Armani, Paco Rabanne, Perry Ellis), it’s no surprise it’s wearable and on-trend.
  3. MARC JACOBS, designer. Soon, no doubt, Bleecker will be renamed Marc Jacobs St., thanks to his boutiques there. He makes headlines for his private life (did he really just marry his boyfriend in France?) but his killer designs, for his own label and Louis Vuitton, cement his status.
  4. GISELE BUNDCHEN, supermodel. The sex-on-long-legs supe launched the invasion of the Brazilian bombshells and bucked the trend of boyish catwalkers. She’s an endorsement magnet, charity campaigner and stepmom (kinda, to boyfriend Tom Brady’s son, John). Just thank goodness she’s not planning on any more acting (“Taxi,” anyone?)
  5. MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG. He’s a businessman as much as a mayor, and that’s one reason he has been so supportive of the fashion industry in New York — he understands the cash it generates. Mike’s a power player for having sweet-talked the city into letting the tents stay in Bryant Park for the foreseeable future instead of being exiled to the West Side rail yards

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