Saturday, August 23, 2008

Great Gifts for Her Under $50

It’s about that time…again! It seams that everyone’s birthday overlaps in the summer. It’s just one after another. While this gives you an excuse to go to the club every weekend because you’re always celebrating, that also means you have to buy a gift. You already weeded out most people because they never got you one but you got to pick up something for your really good (got-me-through-everything) friend. Problem is her birthday is the last one of the summer and you’re broke. Here are some great gift ideas all under $50

metallic leather passport holder $44 Fred Flare
3. Leather Pocket Satchel $49.99 Urban Outfitters
4. Lomography Diana + Camera $50 Urban Outfitters
5. Insults & Comebacks for All Occasions $7.95 Knock Knock
6. Lorac All Eyes On You Set $35 Sephora
7. "Addicted to Retail" Tee Shirt $35 DPRC
8. Sex and the City - The Movie (Special Edition) Dvd $22.99 Amazon
9. American Express Gift Card $50 American Express
10. Working Girl's Survival Kit $39.95 Wishing Fish
11. Urban Aid Shame On You Kit $22.49 Beauty Deals
12. Green Grass Tray 6 Umbrella $45 Uncommon Goods
13. An Almond Cookie Moment Set $40 Carols Daughter
14. Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription $15 Cosmopolitan
15. Position of the Day $12.95 Urban Outfitters

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Pret-A-Porte said...

Ah love it! and I'm glad to be your inspiration! ; )

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