Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Leather Bomber

I fell in love with the Gap window on 34th St. earlier this month. It wasn’t until they changed the window display last week did I realize that I need this brown leather bomber in my life. I looked on line and yes it’s still available but the smallest size is a men’s medium. Either way I’m sold. I think I’m going to wait a month or two so I can cop it on sale. Here’s how the men can get their swagger on. ... until I buy it!

The Jacket
Gap Bomber $298

The Outfit

Gold Coin red Hat $29, Karmaloop
Brown Belt $58, Luck Brand
Polo shirt $98, Ralph Lauren
Avirex Plaid Shirt $13.99, Dr. Jays
Enyce Polo $20.99, Dr. Jays
Gravis Sneakers $108, Karmaloop
Addidas Sneakers $53, Karmaloop
Gravis Sneakers $77, Karmaloop

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