Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Essence Inspired Summer Hot List

So recently I have become an Essence fan, I don't even know how it happened?! I use to hate Essence there where no graphics or fun sportswear fashion spreads and I pretty much just regarded it as the old black women mag.

I think it was an age thing, because I love it now; the outfits, recipes and articles (yes I actually read the articles instead of just photo gazing)

It was a gradual process first I would just take it up at the hair dressers, then my mother got a subscription and I would glance at the pages, now I find myself stealing my moms last three issues: April, May and June! Smh I know I just need to go ahead and get a subscription but my mailbox in my apartment building is so not reliable (busted lock)

Anywho as I read June's issue the editor challenged readers to create a summer hot list and send it to her. I often write to magazine editors and sometimes I've found my words in a future issue, which is cool. So her goes, this is my list; 8 Things I plan to enjoy the hell out of this summer:

  1. The Routine Pedi's its a summer must ladies, please! Dashing Diva has some great ones!! I love going here and do plan to frequent this summer..
  2. Crisp, Bright Colors ....ah don't you just love 'em? summer colors are so inspiring and invigorating. The below stores are just some of my favs. for the perfect summer brights!
  3. Frozen Drinks are a must to cool my summer heat! I have a problem; I love ice, I will eat it like its popcorn and I cannot resist the double bliss of a cool ice fill, fruit flavored drink...It's like heaven, there's so many to choose from, so what's my drink of chioce?... Well Frozen Mojitos of course!
  4. Gotta be from the grill! BBQ's Oh Yes~Hot Dogs; Grilled, Plumed and keep 'em coming...Spades: a table for four and lets go! Enough said. My love for the backyard BBQ is deep and I can't wait to experience the good times all over again with friends!
  5. Smooth Sailing I love the wind hitting my face, crisp air and a clear view of the sky! So if you're like me; the place to be is definitely on deck! Check these events out! First: Every year NY Water Taxi hosts a list of summer events but none is better than their Taxi Beach! Yep, beat nature and have your sand games on a moving boat. Anything you can find at the beach you can find right here! Girls in bikinis, men in trunks, the hot dogs, burgers and even the volleyball games. (Click picture for more info) Second: Power 105's DJ Self hosts the Power on the bay weekly after work event every Thursday brought to you by Soundwave Ent. and you all know my love for DJ Self I will be in there! $10 E-Tickets, Light Buffet and $5 PowerPunch, Starts Today! (click on the flyer for more info)
  6. Body Watching is self explanatory but im gonna to try to explain it with out coming off as a perv lol...hey I'm a female and just like men love the ladies scantly clad I love it when men are half naked! : ) BUT warning this treat can be disaster! There's always some guy who shouldn't be walking a round with his shirt off or that grandpa who's just showing too much! Ah my eyes, my eyes smh....
  7. Beach Hunting its the thing to do! The sun is shining the temperature is up and who wants to pay Con Ed all that money in electric bills messing around with the AC. So what do you do?... Go cool off in the ocean of course! Now my dilemma: when you've seen the beaches in the Caribean, San Diego and Miami, the local beaches that Brooklyn has to offer pales in comparison. That only means one thing! Ladies pack ya sun hats; We're headed to the Hamptons! I am planing this little beach trip as we speak, can't wait.
  8. Roof Top Groovin' now we all know the city can be amazing sometimes and what better way to see what it has to offer than from a rooftop; while sipping on your fav. drink and letting the DJ move you! I recently went to the empire hotel's rooftop lounge and instantly loved the atmosphere. It is beautiful, reminds me of Opium night club in Miami...I loved it and so will you.
You have to love the city in the summertime.

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