Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Young Mans Fashion Crime

New York Magazine wrote a very interesting article about a misguided young man, Kevahn Thorpe. Kevahn is the typical stereotype from Queensbridge Housing Projects whose father is absent and mother doesn’t care however he’s not an average kid. His favorite subject was calculus while he was an honor student at Long Island City High School. His dreams of going to Harvard slowly began to fade at the age of 16 the first time he and his brother Jovahn, stole from Macy’s in Queens Center Mall.

Kevahn developed an unusually passion for fashion bordering Kanye West sense of style. Unfortunately stealing was his only way of filling his need. Countless arrest and resentencing can’t stop the young punk from shoplifting from Barney’s, Bergdorf, Saks and Prada.

“Kevahn called [his brother] that day from Rikers and told Jovahn to bring him a pair of Prada sneakers and a J.Crew cashmere sweater. I tell him about the time I saw Kevahn stroll into court carrying a Bergdorf shopping bag and a brand-new iPod and iPhone, then take out a bottle of cologne and spritz himself.”

The sad tale goes on and on about judges who give me another chance or get fed up with him and put him in jail. Regardless of the outcome when he eventually gets home he’s back on shoplifting sprees. You almost feel sorry for the boy because he does have a bright career being a fashion writer. For a second you hope that someone can take him in and show him what he can be, but then you realize he will just steal from them too. He needs to be treated for being a kleptomaniac.

Click here to read the whole article.

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Denia said...

Oh wow, that's crazy! I know I love fashion, but it means more to me when I work hard to purchase the things I want instead of stealing! mVery intriguing story!

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