Friday, January 2, 2009

Earlier this year (sorry I mean last year) my coworker came back from lunch excited about a new store opening on 34th St. A week later when the pink awning went up we immediately researched the name Kira Plastina.

Turns out she's a 16yr old Russian brat who spent daddy's money wisely into making her own brand of clothing. A few weeks later when their official website launched in the US we were highly disappointed. I simply didn't get it. It was definitely geared to a young, trendy customer, think Forever 21 but higher than forever 21 prices. The clothes not only were boring but poorly made. That didn't stop the stores from spreading like chicken pox. Another location suddenly popped up in Soho and on 5th Ave (what made her think she can open on 5th Ave) for a total of 12 stores in the US (other locations in malls outside of NY).

Fast forward less then a year later the golden child is forced to close most of the US locations and stop "enormous" plans for expansion due to poor economic climate. The only people surprised by this being the store employees as they had no idea what was going on. "We were so mistreated by this company in so many ways, it honestly doesn't surprise me that its failed. She is a rude, spoiled little brat who thinks she can design but really is just playing pretend. We in the shops had only a weeks notice that we would be losing our jobs, and the day before Christmas to boot..." says one angry sales associate. I personally never seen more than 5 people (including the employees) in the store at a time. Daddy filed for bankruptcy seven months after opening its first location...

PS: The 70 other stores is Russia are doing just fine.
PSS: 75% off everything on the website.

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