Sunday, September 21, 2008

Real Fashionistas Don't Wear Coach

"Real fashionistas don’t wear Coach." - Rosalie, The Urban Fashionista

Yeah, I said it. Real fashionistas don’t wear Coach. Coach will never be an “it bag”. Sure Coach is an American classic like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, Diana Von Furstenberg and even Tory Burch (as some may say) but that doesn’t make you fashionable, it makes you an old, boring classic. Why wear Chanel No. 5 when you can wear Gucci by Gucci. And then they started the logo collection a few years back. I hate logos! I understand some women need to prove they “got it” but you don’t “got nothing” sporting Coach. Go for Goyard, that’s impressive. Now please don’t get me mistaken. I respect the lines 67 years of existence starting in New York City. But if you must go the timeless, workie route get a basic all leather tote/wallet/shoe. Instead of paying $458 for the hideous logo handbag above, try fresh designers like Shih, Junior Drake, Rough Roses and Kooba.

Shih Bebel Satchel $600

Junior Drake Megan $498

Rough Roses Jewel Shopper $325

Kooba Nelli $635

Check out my take on Man Bags on SH Collective blog.

PS. To all the diehard Coach fans who have been bashing me: If you stop criticizing and READ the post, you will see that I wasn’t downing Coach, just logo bags. I did not say everyone should wear Chanel! I gave options of young designers at all price points.


Ms. E said...

I have GOT to agree with you on the whole Coach discussion. Coach is indeed an American classic ... but for fashionistas it is NOT. I am so tired of seeing that stayed "C" print all over your suburban malls.

x E

Ainz Neal said...

lol..please stay away from the "C"

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