Monday, July 20, 2009

Chanel Fall 2009 Couture Runway Show

Sorry guys, I know I'm "like a fucking month late" (who knows where that line is from?) but I haven't been excited to post anything Chanel. The fall 09 couture show was quite a bore. Literally every style was simple (what an insult to couture) and could have been easily been past off for an up-and-coming ready-to-wear. excuses Karl since he's had a fabulous spring couture show and just a few weeks ago, put on a glamorous resort show. Nevertheless, I picked a few highlights for us to stare at in awe. And before you guys come down on me, I do love the black dresses, I will be getting lace tights from Look from London and wish I had a rich grandmother who wore the silver cardigan-skirt suits. View the entire collection at
PS. Congrats to Shu Pei Qin of Next. Diversity does not only mean black models.

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