Saturday, November 8, 2008

Real World Brooklyn

I haven’t watched Real World since The second time they were in New York with Coral, the insecure girl with the caked on make-up and Malik with the fro. I’ve been out of the loop because somehow I stopped caring but mostly because I don’t have cable. I will have to find some way to get back in the game. Real World Brooklyn is coming! The filming in Red Hook is ending this month and the show is schedule to air in May. Can someone be a doll and put all 12 one hour episodes on YouTube for me? Can you believe this is Real Worlds 21st season?! Will someone call me when they are casting for another Europe edition?

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Michael Martin said...

The season wont air until January 2009 along with the new Duel 2 Challenge.

Casting has already started for the 22nd season but most of the casting calls are completed other than the online one.

More info at The Real World Blog.

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